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Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. |

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.

Scooter mayhem, Vietnam style

Scooter Mayhem, Vietnam Style
The moment you exit your hotel, the sheer numbers of scooters and mayhem on the streets is something to behold. Apparently there is something like seven and a half million scooters in Saigon, a city of some eight million people. And most of them are coming your way just when you decide to cross the street.

The more you can fit on your bike, the easier it is to ride, apparently…

The more you can fit on your bike, the easier it is to ride, apparently…
It’s just amazing entertainment seeing what comes along next...

I just love the look

I just love the look.

Custom-built rainwear

Custom-built rainwear.
The scooter riders have some amazing get ups for trying to keep dry in the frequent rain storms.

Deliver the ladder

It’s always better to personally deliver the ladder.
Couriers are just so unreliable.

i am the courier

Three big boxes?
No worries, I am the courier and I can deliver them straight away.

Typical street scene Saigon

A typical street scene in Saigon.
People are always eating. Is that dog pho soup? Hard to tell from this angle, and I can’t see any dogs around, so it could well be...

Night Street Market

A (late) night street market.
The Vietnamese people are genuinely very friendly, and are always happy to wave to you! After I took the photo, I went over and showed them the screen on the back of the camera. Everyone was impressed except for dad, who was busy updating his Facebook page.

A Sampan lady

A sampan lady.
This lovely lady rowed us around for quite a while in the back waters of the Mekong.

The Coffin Shop

Your local friendly riverside coffin makers.
On the banks of the Mekong River are all sorts of industry, one that I didn’t expect to see was the casket shop. Must have been smoko time, there’s even a bloke sitting casually on top of one of the caskets.

The old and the new

The old and the new.
Slum shacks built over the river, overlooked by new apartment high-rises. Just an example of the extremes you will see in Saigon. The ones on the right hand side look a little dodgy, and could be ready to collapse into the river at any time.

The Angry Skies

The angry skies look as though they are about to let loose at any moment.
Actually, the sky can look like this for ages, then all of a sudden there’s a flash of lightning, a huge booming thunderclap and down it comes. It’s still 32 C though.

Amazing Saigon Markets

The many markets around Saigon are absolutely amazing.
It’s especially interesting just watching the local shoppers buying the goodies for tonight’s tea.

I give you special price!

You buy two, I give you a special price for two!
At the floating markets on the Mekong, vendors come alongside offering coffee, soup and fresh fruit and vegetables.

The cabbage lady

The cabbage lady does her accounts.
At the floating markets the vendors raise a bamboo pole with the goods they are selling tied to the top.

Washing Day

Floating shop and home.
With market activity over, a vendor has retreated to a Mekong backwater to catch up on the washing and general housekeeping.