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Australasian Crested Grebe, Queenstown, NZ. |

Australasian Crested Grebe
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DSC 2368

Here are the male and female grebes courting in the third week of October.

DSC 3622

The eggs have been laid, I think there are five eggs. The bird sits motionless for hours on end.

DSC 3210

This photo shows the nest made from hundreds of willow sticks, and anchored to protruding branches. The nest was flooded in some heavy rains.

DSC 4164

Second week in December, there's two chicks and they ride around on their parents backs.

DSC 4065

Sometimes Mum and Dad take one each.

DSC 4189

Fish for lunch.

DSC 4133

This is how the chicks get back on board, they wriggle and struggle their way up, aided by a few propelling kicks when in the water. When they want to go for a swim, the chicks launch themselves ungracefully over the side of the adult.

DSC 4570 (1)

The amazing Grebes at Lake Hayes, here’s mum with two chicks nice and cosy riding on her back. 

DSC 5116 (2)

This image was entered in the Otago Museum’s 2018 Widlife Photography Competition and was chosen as ‘2018 Exhibition Image’.