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Nugget Point Lighthouse sunrise

Sunrise at Nugget Point lighthouse. More pics in the Catlins Gallery.

The Nevis Valley after a snowfall

The Nevis Valley after a snowfall.
More Nevis pics in the Nevis Valley gallery.

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A male bellbird or Korimako, endemic to NZ, the bellbird is a welcome visitor. The male bellbird can be an agressive feeder, quite often beating up the female.
Larger pic in the Nature album.

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The waxeye, also known as silvereye. During the colder winter months, the waxeyes come down from the hills. Sometimes, they even pose if they see me with my camera.
 Larger pic in the Nature Gallery.

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The amazing Grebes at Lake Hayes, here’s mum with a chick  nice and cosy riding on her back. This image was entered in the Otago Museum’s 2018 Widlife Photography Competition and was chosen as ‘2018 Exhibition Image’. 
Larger picture in the Australasian Crested Grebes album

Autumn, Queenstown Waterfront

Autumn, Queenstown Waterfront.
This pic has the dubious honour of being the most-pinched image on my website, I guess that means people like it. Stealers of note include: national NZ franchise The Coffee Shop, the YHA in Queenstown, queenstown.com and numerous Chinese travel agencies trying to flog off trips to down under. I know all this because Pixsy.com notify me when it shows up on other people’s websites. If you are a local business do the decent thing and ask me if you would like to use any of my pics.

Larger pic here in Landscapes

View from the Nevis Valley

View from the Nevis Road to Mt. Difficulty. Cromwell, Central Otago, NZ. 

Larger pic here in the Landscapes Gallery 

Mini Series

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Australasian Crested GrebeSunset over Lake Wakatipu

Star 5
St Bathans, Central Otago, NZ sm

Kodak Retina 1
1949 Mercury 2


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Purakaunui Falls 2 (1) 2DSC 8448


The Nevis ValleyMatanaka

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